Jimmy Fallon Gets a Shirtless James Franco and Seth Rogen for His 40th Birthday (Video)

Stevie Wonder also helps “Tonight Show” host Fallon celebrate the milestone

Well, it’s not quite Marilyn Monroe seductively crooning “Happy Birthday,” but then Jimmy Fallon isn’t quite John F. Kennedy.

“Tonight Show” host Fallon got a fleshy, hairy surprise for his birthday on Friday night’s episode, after his crew arranged a secret gift for his 40th birthday.

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“I thought I’d never like surprises, but I kinda like it,” Fallon admitted before the curtain pulled back to reveal his present. “This is good.”

He might have thought twice about that in the ensuing moments, as a giant cake was rolled out onto the stage and out popped…

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A shirtless Seth Rogen.

Rogen wasn’t alone. His “This Is the End” costar James Franco popped out shortly thereafter, playing the role of stripper cop, complete with handcuffs.

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Luckily, the birthday celebration grew less unseemly from there, as Stevie Wonder emerged from backstage to serenade Fallon.

Oh, and there was a dancing panda involved too.

Watch Fallon’s extra-special birthday surprise below.