Jimmy Kimmel Asks Guys If They Peeked at Leaked Nude Celebrity Photos (Video)

None of them are ashamed

Jimmy Kimmel found men of all ages willing to unabashedly admit that they looked up the leaked nude photos of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Selena Gomez.

The late-night comedian sent his crew to the streets to pop the perverted pedestrian question, and then turned the men’s responses into a fun game (above) by asking his audience to guess as to whether or not the participants would say yes.

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The good news is, not all of them rushed to Google to sneak peeks of the actresses. The bad news is, the question only reminded them that they totally should, if they hadn’t already.

Still, Kimmel found one man who honestly didn’t look at the photos. Perhaps too honestly.

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“I have not looked them up, because I try to get my wife to give me naked pictures of her all the time,” one man says. “She says she won’t do it, because I’ll put it on the internet, so if I promote looking at other people, I’ll confirm what she’s saying.”