Kimmel Calls George Santos a ‘Spectacular Liar’ – but Doesn’t Doubt His Bonafides as a TV Show Creator (Video)

ABC’s late-night host reveals the New York congressman was behind “Blackish”

Jimmy Kimmel had a field day in his Tuesday night monologue about George Santos, the embattled congressman from New York known for his web of lies.

Santos sat down with Piers Morgan to explain why he lies so much by telling more lies.

In the one-on-one interview, Santos admitted to Morgan he’s been a terrible liar, but this revelation didn’t sit well with Kimmel, prompting the ABC late-night host to disagree with Santos on that.

“I disagree. I think you’ve been a pretty spectacular liar,” Kimmel said. “We haven’t seen lying like this in a very long time.”

Kimmel then went down the laundry list of lies Santos has told.

“I mean this guy, he lied about his education, his employment history, his family history, his campaign finances, his charity work, his mother, his volleyball career,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel continued, “He allegedly wrote bad checks, he allegedly stole puppies, and he told a group of Jewish voters he was Jewish.”

During the interview with Morgan, Santos was pressed about comments he made in the past when he said he was Jewish. Santos pushed back and said he never said he was Jewish and said he always told people his grandparents on his mother’s side are Jewish, which he claims makes him Jew-ish.

“That was always a joke,” Santos said in his interview with Morgan. “Everybody used to laugh it up. I said it to a room with a thousand people in November. People were hysterically laughing. It was funny to them.”

Morgan interrupted Santos and said he didn’t think Jewish people found it funny, and Santos replied, “They were Jewish.”

That comment led to Kimmel cracking more jokes on Santos and giving him credit for creating one of the networks previously top-rated shows.

“Or, maybe they were Jew-ish,” Kimmel joked. “You really don’t know now. It’s all in the emphasis on -ish.”

Kimmel added, “By the way, that’s how George came up with the idea for the show ‘Blackish.’ He came up with it by workshopping it in those meetings.”

To see Kimmel’s full monologue, click the video at the top of this post.