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Jimmy Kimmel Proves If iPhone’s Siri Was a Waitress, Your Order Would Never Be Right (Video)

The ABC late-night host receives horrible service from the human version of the Apple invention

Siri is the worst.

No, she actually is. A recent study conducted by AAA and the University of Utah found that of all the voice-activated systems on the market today, Siri is dead last in getting commands right.

“We would not put up with Siri in any situation in life,” Jimmy Kimmel said on his show Tuesday night. “Imagine what it would be like if Siri was a waitress.

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No need to imagine. Kimmel then crossed the stage and took a seat at a table. A waitress wearing typical diner garb and a “Siri” nametag asked the late-night host how she could help him.

Kimmel’s request for coffee prompted Siri to direct him out of the restaurant and to the nearest Starbucks. He then asked for a Coca-Cola.

“The time in Angola, Zaire is 1:16 a.m.,” Siri responded.

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Forgoing the drink, Kimmel just tried to order his lunch of chicken Caesar salad. All Siri heard was “wicked Weezer ballads” and “crickets, cheese and chowder.” Her poor service got her several laughs but no tip.

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Watch the video from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” above.