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Susan Sarandon and Jimmy Kimmel Recreate ‘Thelma & Louise’ Selfie (Video)

The late night ABC host posed as Geena Davis’ character Thelma

Jimmy Kimmel noticed the selfie craze that swept America may not have started with the rise of social media, but 1991 movie “Thelma & Louise,” so he decided to recreate the iconic picture with Louise herself, Susan Sarandon.

The comedian sported a jean jacket and wig to pose as Gina Davis’ character, Thelma, and Sarandon wore a similar scarf and sunglasses that she had on when she snapped a Polaroid of herself with Davis in the film.

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Watch the video (above) to see how well Sarandon did when she swapped the Polaroid camera for an iPhone, and Davis for Kimmel.

Sarandon and her “Thelma & Louise” co-star Geena Davis set the internet ablaze a couple weeks ago when she tweeted out a recreation of their iconic selfie, which later turned out to be from a special cover shoot for The Hollywood Reporter Magazine.

The actress appeared on the ABC late-night show Wednesday to promote her new comedy “Tammy,” in which she stars as an alcoholic grandmother alongside Melissa McCarthy.

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When McCarthy appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” earlier this week, she expressed just how hard it was to make the 67-year-old “Bull Durham” beauty look like a dumpy, old grandma.

McCarthy, who co-wrote “Tammy” with her husband and director Ben Falcone, said they had to halt filming several times because “Susan looks too good.”

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Sarandon is set to become a real-life grandma, for the first time, in August. See what she had to say about the new stage in her life, below: