Joe Manganiello Is Cheating on Channing Tatum; Vanessa Hudgens Has 2 Words for New ‘Spring Breakers’

Plus, Inside Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing” 25th Anniversary

 “Spring Break for-never?”.

As a sequel to “Spring Breakers” with none of the original above-the-line talent takes shape, Vanessa Hudgens has only two words of advice for the new crew: “Good luck”.

“Good luck.”

28. Jamie Chung Dressed on Trend
Rumer Willis, Vanessa Hudgens, and  Jamie Chung, who dressed to match the host’s wardrobe. (Michael Simon/StarTraks)

“If you don’t have Harmony (Korine), I don’t understand how it’s ‘Spring Breakers’,” Hudgens told me at Svedka’s Summer Samba this week, where the weather in the low 60’s made the poolside happy hour feel like “late winter samba,” despite barely dressed fire panting dancing Brazilians poolside.

SVEDKA Vodka Celebrates The Launch Of Strawberry Lemonade And Mango Pineapple At SVEDKA`s Summer Samba
Fear not, the new flavors are not strong enough to spontaneously combust tongues. (Michael Simon/StarTracks)

“I don’t think any of us are part of the second one so I am not sure what they are doing. I have no idea what it’s even about,” Hudgens added.

Jeff Sneider does.

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Amid pineapple tossing carnival games (a clever visualization for the party’s purpose – promoting Svedka’s new mashup flavors Mango Pineapple and Strawberry Lemonade), Hudgens hung with stylist Natalie Saidi and Jamie Chung, as Dianna Agron weighed in on the other season in bloom: “Emmy viewing cram season”.

For her, that includes “The Normal Heart,”

“I have some invested interest there,” referencing her “Glee” boss Ryan Murphy who is in the running for the star heavy emotional HBO film.

Emmy nomination voting closes Friday, June 20.

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Seemingly the entire entertainment marketing community turned up for the Tuesday night event at the rented out house of producer Randy Simon (“Electric Daisy Carnival Experience”, “Requiem for a Dream”).

Faces in the crowd included the newly drafted E.T. Supervising Producer Joe Siyam, personal publicists Gary Mantoosh and Jennifer Abel, manager Alex Shekarchian, “24: Live Another Day’s” Giles Matthey (just back from London shooting the show two weeks ago, mid-season), and pretty much every event publicist with spirit, beauty, or fashion clients.

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Alert: Joe Manganiello Is Cheating on Channing Tatum at the Strip Club

COMP - Joe Manganiello La Bare Premiere
Joe Manganiello with the stars of “La Bare” and producer Nick Maganiello with executive producer Craig Chang at the Lure after party. (Chelsea Lauren/Wireimage)

Like slipping a dollar bill into a G-string, Joe Manganiello is slipping in one strip club movie in between “Magic Mike” installments.

A night after being the object of everyone’s attention at “True Blood’s” final season premiere, Manganiello was right back at the Arclight on Wednesday for the premiere of his directorial documentary on the “most popular male strip club in the world,” Dallas’ “La Bare”.

After playing “Big Dick Richie” in the original, by the time sequel “Magic Mike XXL” comes out next year, Manganiello will own this niche. The documentary, which looks like it could be a full blown series on VH1, premieres next Friday, June 27.

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About his production partner and younger brother Nick, Manganiello told the crowd: “We are two halves of the same brain, and I could never have done this without him.”

He also could not really do it without any “Channing.” One of the piece of man candy in the film is named “Channing – The Kid.”

Josh Groban, his brother Chris (the film’s editor), Z-Trip, Aisha Tyler, and Kevin Huvane were all in the room.

While the  pictures above are nice, I’m sure you really just want to see  – you guessed it – the cop uniforms. Here’s the NSFW red-band Rated R trailer. (Warning: If you work in an office where people wear ties and/or lunch is not food trucks, this is NSFW.)

Kehinde Wiley Paints Spike Lee

GREY GOOSE Le Melon Toasts Filmmaker Spike Lee With Art Commissioned By Award Winning Artist Kehinde Wiley
Spike Lee and Danny Aiello celebrate the silver anniversary. (Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for GREY GOOSE)

TheWrap’s James Crugnale was on hand Wednesday night at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City to celebrate the career of Spike Lee and commemorate the 25th anniversary of his iconic film “Do The Right Thing,” sponsored by Grey Goose Le Melon. He reports:

There were numerous celebrities on hand to raise a toast to the filmmaker including Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip, Michael Ealy, Caroline Rhea and Danny Aiello (who was nominated for an Oscar in the film for his portrayal of Sal, the pizzeria owner.)

TheWrap asked Lee about the impact of the film, which helped launch the careers of many notables including Samuel L. Jackson and Martin Lawrence.

“It was a total team effort,” Lee said. “All I did was provide opportunities.”

St. Clair Bourne’s rarely seen documentary about the making of the film was screened at the party and Lee was moved by seeing behind-the-scenes footage of Ruby Dee, who recently passed away earlier this month.

To cap the night off, acclaimed portraitist Kehinde Wiley’s unveiled a painting of the director as the crowd roared in applause, the first in a series of “Modern Kings of Culture” who will get the Wiley treatment this summer.

The 5 Best Industry Invites for Next Week

Here are the top five invites to look for in your inbox next week:

The one sheet for "Life Itself" and new Critics' Choice TV Award Winner Billy Bob Thornton at TheWrap's Emmy party on the London Rooftop. (Getty images)
The one sheet for “Life Itself” and new Critics’ Choice TV Award Winner Billy Bob Thornton at TheWrap’s Emmy party on the London Rooftop. (Getty images)

Roger Ebert documentary “Life Itself” premieres at the Arclight on Thursday, with Oliver Stone, Diablo Cody, Michael Mann, and Chaz Ebert on the guest list.

As a preview of September’s new indoor equestrian event, the Longines L.A. Masters has a preview cocktail party on Monday night on the London rooftop. Speaking of, the London itself will be slinging “Butter Poached Lobster Rolls” as part of the rooftop’s two-sided relaunch as “Brit Bar West” and “Rooftop West,” a partnership with fellow Brit Jaguar. They are doing a series of industry dinners next week.

Demian Bechir, Diane Kruger, and the cast of “The Bridge” pumps up season 2 with a Paley Center premiere and Q&A on Tuesday.

Finally, L.A. event producer and hotel ambassador Gina Wade doubles up with a 40th Birthday Party / 7 year anniversary for her company in a mansion in the hills on Friday night.