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Jon Stewart Accuses Bill O’Reilly, Other Media of Accepting Mass Shootings (Video)

”Since we can’t always stop this from happening, why ever try to stop it from happening?“

“No matter what society does, there will always be mass murder,” Bill O’Reilly said after the shootings at UC Santa Barbara. “Always”

Jon Stewart attacked that sentiment Monday. In a “Daily Show” segment, he criticized news media coverage that suggests that since the gun control debate is deadlocked, there’s nothing we can do to end mass killings.

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“You see people? Acceptance,” Stewart said. “It’s like America has a dog that’s always s—ing inside the house and we’ve solved the problem by getting a brown rug.”

Stewart’s correspondents delivered the new style of TV news reports on mass shootings: Correspondents saying, basically, that since there’s no catch-all solution to mass violence, we may as well give up.

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“Since we can’t always stop this from happening, why ever try to stop it from happening?” asked Samantha Bee.

With the sadness out of the way, the “Daily Show” staff got back to the real news. Dancing to “Happy,” they watched a montage of stories about Justin Bieber‘s racial slur, a cat playing Jenga, a bear napping in a hammock, and a debate about who should pay on dates.

Watch the video: