Jon Stewart Calls Out Cable News’ Financial Advice: Find a Husband, Ladies (Video)

“Marry Smart” author is now a financial expert, apparently

Jon Stewart called out cable news for booking an author who wants women to marry young — not just for dubious lifestyle segments, but on financial shows.

As Stewart noted, women continue to earn 77 cents for every dollar that men do. One solution? Fox Business News and CNBC both booked “Marry Smart” author Susan Patton, who advises college women to pursue their MRS.

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“Here’s what nobody is telling you,” Patton said in one clip. “Find a husband on campus before you graduate. Yes, I went there.”

“You went where?” said Stewart. “To the 19th century?”

She also turned up on a slew of shows that aren’t financially oriented, to talk about things like fertility and why college women should marry now, not in a their mid-30s, when they will have to compete with younger women who are “dewy-eyed,” “fresh” and “adorable.”

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Then Stewart displayed some of the “extraordinary men” college women have to choose from.

Watch the video: