Jon Stewart Freaks Out Over Ebola (Video)

But “Daily Show” correspondent Jessica Williams finds a way to exploit the panic

Jon Stewart was worried enough about a possible case of the Ebola virus in New York City to wear a hazmat suit on Tuesday’s “Daily Show.” But correspondent Jessica Williams found a way to exploit the panic.

The show tried to find grim humor in a disease that has killed more than 800 people in a new West African outbreak. Two Americans who had been doing missionary work are being treated with an experimental serum in Atlanta, and a man is being tested in New York because of possible symptoms of the virus.

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Stewart noted that the Atlanta treatment has been promising.

“There’s apparently a cure for ebola,” he said, before adding: “For Americans.”

Williams, meanwhile, took to the swankiest streets of Manhattan to urge people to flee — especially if they live in nice buildings with doormen and in-unit washers and dryers.

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Stewart accused her of trying to exploit people’s fears to get a nicer apartment.

“I would never, ever,” she said, before breaking into coughs.

She noted a building nearby.

“I think I need to be quarantined, up in that penthouse,” she said. “For 1,100 dollars a month and no broker’s fee.”

Watch the video: