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Jon Stewart Slams Democrats for Obama-Based ‘POTUS-Partum Depression’ (Video)

Airing ”The Daily Show“ from Austin, Texas, Stewart spoofs Democratic candidates running far away from President Obama

Jon Stewart coined a new medical term Tuesday night on “The Daily Show”: POTUS-Patrum Depression.

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“The president, nobody likes him, everybody hates him … even Democrats running frantically from Barack Obama like he was the bad guy in one of those chainsaw massacre movies you have here every couple of years,” Stewart began from his second day hosting in Austin, Texas.

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He then ran a montage of Democratic candidates avoiding answering directly if they support President Obama on specific policies — or if they even voted for him.

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“You’re acting like she found your porn,” Stewart said in response to one candidate’s awkwardly indirect answer to whether the Obama administration has handled the Ebola crisis properly.

Stewart and Stephen Colbert‘s brand of political satire will be alive and well on the night of the midterm elections November 4th. They’ll both air live, back-to-back midterm specials at 11p.m. and 11:30p.m.