Kelly Clarkson Drops to the Floor in Front of Jon Bon Jovi After Repeatedly Failing to Sing ‘Blaze of Glory’ Correctly | Video

“Come on girlfriend!” Bon Jovi playfully chides her

Kelly Clarkson has been known to forget her own songs on her show, but on Thursday, she struggled to get Jon Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory” right. So much so that, when she saw him, she simply hit the deck.

In fairness to Clarkson, her struggles this time didn’t come down to forgetting the lyrics or not recognizing the song. This time, she simply struggled to read the actual lyrics from the prompter in front of her. “It got so ridiculous, I had to let it go like Elsa for a minute,” Clarkson jokes in a preview clip.

Ahead of the episode, the show released Clarkson’s blooper reel from rehearsing the performance, in which she had to stop mid-song multiple times to correct herself on the lyrics.

“Oh man,” she mourned as the music paused for the first time. “My learning disability kicked in and I said ‘Let the boy like die a man.’ Yup. And it’s definitely not that!”

In the next clip, Clarkson gets a little more frustrated, saying “Ah f— me” before outright screaming into the microphone. In yet another, the singer and host is simply in disbelief at herself for almost singing “Let me fake my final stand.”

Eventually, as Clarkson talks with a crew member, Jon Bon Jovi himself walks out onto the stage, prompting her to simply drop to the floor at his feet.

“Come on, girlfriend!” Bon Jovi says in her ear as he hugs her. The singer then gives Clarkson a quick shoulder massage before shaking her ever so slightly to keep her going.

Presumably though, she does figure it out, and you can watch the full performance on Wednesday’s episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

In the meantime, you can watch her full blooper reel in the video above.


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