Kimmel Says Trump’s Speech at Diamond’s Funeral Was ‘More of a Me-Logy Than a Eulogy’ (Video)

“It was like a Tone Def Comedy Jam,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host jokes

On Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Kimmel kicked things off with his take on the astonishing speech former president Donald Trump gave at the funeral of Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway.

Diamond, a COVID denier and anti-vaxxer who died Jan. 9almost certainly from COVID-19, incidentally — was one half of the Trump-supporting duo “Diamond and Silk.” Trump delivered a eulogy at her funeral on Saturday that very quickly turned into one of the divisive politician’s rambling, incoherent campaign speeches.

Trump talked about himself so much, and Diamond so little, that Kimmel joked his speech “was more of a me-logy than a eulogy.” The host also took a second to remind his audience that the selfish, mean spirited jerk spewing lies and disinformation at the funeral used to be president of the United States.

“Diamond passed away a couple weeks ago, leaving behind a family, friends, and hundreds of videos praising the man who showed up to return the favor,” Kimmel said as he kicked off his monologue.

“Trump appeared before a sitting room-only crowd; 150 mourners gathered to hear him speak about their beloved Diamond. And he almost did. He almost spoke about her. Trump rattled on for 44 minutes. He covered a wide range of topics – including NAFTA, tax cuts, crowd size, illegal immigration, the election, why they don’t put Melania on magazine covers anymore, the Space Force,” Kimmel listed — and to be clear, he wasn’t kidding. Trump really said all that.

Kimmel played video clips of some of Trump’s weirder commentary, including a moment when he talked about inflation as something that “kills” nations, then awkwardly changed the subject back to Diamond.

“Did inflation kill Diamond? I don’t know,” Kimmel joked. “And by the way we’re just getting started.”

Kimmel then played another clip of Trump’s remarks, which were almost exclusively about himself. “It was more of a me-logy than a eulogy. It was entirely about Donald Trump,” Kimmel noted.

Kimmel joked that Trump’s remarks “had all the sincerity and grace you could possibly expect from a man who buried the mother of his children at the 16th hole of his golf course.”

Then, after showing some more clips, Kimmel looked directly at the camera with an exasperated smile and reminded viewers, “That person, was our president, OK?”

“It was like a Tone Def Comedy Jam,” Kimmel added.

You can watch the full “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” monologue in the video clip above.