Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Oakland Mayoral Candidate for Position on Masturbation (Video)

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host created an attack ad targeting the candidate who already has no chance of winning

If there’s no such thing as bad publicity, then Oakland mayoral candidate Peter Liu just got a free campaign push from Jimmy Kimmel.

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The ABC late-night comedian used his platform on Monday night to bring national attention to Liu, an Army veteran who describes himself as “the World’s Smartest Leader,” asked by God in 2003 “to lead people to a world of peace and prosperity.” His main campaign promise (called the “Community Empowered Safety Plan”) is to put guns into the hands of anybody in the California city with a clean background check, and organize neighborhood militias.

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Kimmel, however, was particularly interested in Liu’s stance on masturbation.

When asked what Liu would do about one city issue called “the digital divide” — upper class neighborhoods having access to faster Internet than lower class neighborhoods — Liu gave a response ripe for roasting.

“The lesson here is this: When your son says, ‘Mommy, Daddy, I need Internet access for homework.’ This really translates to: ‘I am gonna masturbate online while my parents at work,’” Liu wrote.

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Kimmel used this as an excuse to create a political attack ad (above) targeting the “narc,” and it’s a must see.

Liu is one of 15 candidates Oakland residents will be voting for on Nov. 4. If you care about masturbation rights for teenage boys, get out there and vote.