Kimmel Tries to Play Matchmaker Between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kanye West (Video)

“I could really see them being very happy together,” Jimmy Kimmel jokes

Jimmy Kimmel was in a matchmaking mood on Tuesday’s episode of his show, and in his monologue suggested a way for Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene to bounce back from her impending divorce that actually makes a lot of sense: Hook up with Kanye West.

Obviously the inspiration was some very bigoted statements Greene and West have made in recent days.

“One of Putin’s biggest cheerleaders in the United States, Congressdemon Marjorie Taylor Greene, she’s busy trying to scare voters to the polls,” Kimmel said as he got to the topic in his monologue. “Klan Mom made an appearance at Trump’s rally in Arizona, where she fired up the Magoon squad with her take on the ‘Great’ Replacement Theory.”

Of course, “great replacement” is a white supremacist conspiracy theory that insists white people, and in particular white conservatives, are being “replaced” by people who aren’t them. The why doesn’t matter, it’s extremely racist and a lie, so we won’t make their argument for them. The point here is that Kimmel played a clip in which Greene went on at length talking about it at a Trump rally, ending her tirade about it with “and that’s not great for America.”

“It isn’t? Because I kind of think it is,” Kimmel joked. “You mean to tell me we could swap the Let’s Go Brandon flags and the alcoholic boat parades with something else?”

“We could replace the anti-vax facebook groups and Proud Boy circle jerks with empanadas and crazy soap operas? I’m okay with that, please,” Kimmel continued. “I think the message is, bring your big hats and your complicated mustaches, your jigs and lederhosen, your fish eyeballs, your Soup Dumplings, from all over the world and replace away.”

Then he made his matching making suggestion: “We need a good replacing right now. You know, Marjorie Taylor may be dropping the Green because her husband filed for divorce. And I’ve gotta say – I think I have the perfect guy for her: His name is Ye. And I could really see them being very happy together.”

Of course the joke here is that Ye himself has also been spewing racist comments lately, including during a recent appearance on what The New York Times describes as the “most racist show in the history of cable news,” Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program.

Kimmel made some other jokes of course, and you can see them all in the clip above. But his jokes about Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kanye West kick in about 5 minutes, 45 seconds in.