Lady Gaga Apologizes for Canceling Miami Concert After Lightning: ‘What’s More Worth It to Me Is Life’

“I’ve always wanted to be that hardcore bad b—-, but what I really want is to also be responsible and loving,” the singer told her audience

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

Lady Gaga fought back tears Saturday night as she apologized for cutting her Miami concert short after lighting threatened the safety of everyone in attendance, including her crew and fans in the audience.

“We really tried to finish the show tonight in Miami, but we couldn’t because even when the rain sorta stopped, there was lightning that was striking right down into the ground so close to us,” Gaga said as she teared up in a video posted to Instagram. “I know that for a really long time I’ve always wanted to be that hardcore bad b—-, but what I really want is to also be responsible and loving,” she said, expressing her concern had anybody in the audience, her crew, her band or her dancers been harmed.

The Miami concert wrapped by Gaga’s “Chromatica Ball” international summer tour in which the “Born This Way” star traveled to 18 different cities.

“I’m sorry that we didn’t get to do the epic performance of ‘Rain on Me’ in the rain,” she continued. “But what’s more worth it to me is life.”

She then held up a bouquet of red roses that a fan threw to her while on stage and explained that the gesture meant a lot to her.

The “A Star Is Born” actress also noted that Saturday’s decision was part of a larger commitment she has made to prioritize her and others’ health.

“It took so much in my heart to get back to a place where I could perform and be healthy,” she said. “I hope you know that part of why I decided to not finish the show was because I am healthy, and it’s a healthy decision for all of you and for myself as well.”

Lady Gaga also apologized on Twitter, saying, “I love you little monsters, forever xoxo, Mother Monster #WeLoveYouGaga #ChromaticaBallMiami I’m sorry I used my best judgment, it wasn’t safe.”

“Look, for years some of you have called me ‘mother monster,’ in my heart I knew it was better to keep you safe,” she wrote in another post on Instagram. “Safety first. Love you. Thank you for the flowers and the cheers and for understanding. Life matters.”