Larry Ellison Steps Up as Top GOP Midterm Fundraiser, Donating $15 Million This Year – But Why?

”Larry is too smart and savvy to fall for the Trump snake oil, but there are some in Silicon Valley who are tired of Democratic class warfare,“ a Republican strategist said

Larry Ellison, the 10th-richest man in the world and one of Donald Trump’s favorite tech tycoons, has emerged as one of the top Republican donors in this election season, donating $15 million this year alone to a conservative PAC fueling Republican efforts to recapture the House and the Senate.

Since 2020, the Oracle Corp. co-founder has made a series of donations totaling $25 million to South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott’s Opportunity Matters Fund – a conservative group that also received donations from Koch Industries Inc. and New Balance owner and chairman James S. Davis. Its stated mission is to support candidates who will enact “positive legislation initiatives and help prove that the American Dream is alive and well.”  

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