Will ‘The Last of Us’ Reignite the Apocalyptic Series Genre? | Charts

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The new HBO video-game adaptation could be the next big end-of-civilization franchise, much like AMC’s “The Walking Dead” was years ago

the last of us hbo
Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal in "The Last of Us." (HBO)

The “The Last of Us” premiere was the first major breakout series premiere of the year. Multiple factors seem set to make the show a hit with audiences. On the one hand, it’s riding the current wave of video game adaptations as creators look to tap into games as a source of valuable IP.  Other recent shows like “Arcane,” “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” and “Halo” have proven that drawing from video games as inspiration for series activates existing game fan bases while also bringing the content to a larger audience. “The Last of Us” also stars Pedro Pascal in his first leading role on a TV series since the massive success of Disney+’s “The Mandalorian.