Laura Dern Says Taylor Swift Is a ‘Real Deal Filmmaker’: ‘Wherever She Wants to Go, I’ll Show Up’

Dern tells TheWrap’s “UnWrapped” podcast that she “got to experience that firsthand”

If selling out stadiums around the world and being personally responsible for boosting the U.S. economy wasn’t enough, Taylor Swift is also making a name for herself as a filmmaker. And Laura Dern is ready to work with the pop superstar on just about any project she decides to tackle.

“Listen, wherever [Taylor] wants to go, I’ll show up. I love her,” Dern told TheWrap.

They’ve already worked together once before, when Swift released her self-directed music video “Bejeweled” starring Dern alongside the Haim sisters. In the latest episode of the “UnWrapped” podcast, the Oscar-winning “Marriage Story” actress recalled exactly how much she loved being part of that, heaping praise on Swift’s abilities.

“She is a real deal — on top of everything else amazing that she does and is — a real deal filmmaker, which I got to experience firsthand,” Dern said. “I’m excited to watch that part of her journey wherever she continues to take it.”

Swift is attached to write and direct her feature film debut for Searchlight Pictures, but she’s still plenty busy with the Eras Tour and an exact timeline for when her movie might come together is unclear. It’s also unclear if there’s a role for Dern, but nice to know the “Big Little Lies” actress would jump at the chance to show up.

Although Swift herself doesn’t star alongside Dern in her new Apple TV+ series “Palm Royale,” Dern and her producing partner Jayme Lemons are more than happy to entertain the idea of working with Swift on one of their own projects – or as Lemons calls it “Jaywalker: Taylor’s Version.” 

Jaywalker Pictures is, of course, the production company Dern and Lemons created and run together.

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