‘Lisa Frankenstein’ Trailer Promises a Shocking Love Story From Diablo Cody | Video

Ready to spend Valentine’s Day with a monster?

“Lisa Frankenstein,” the new Diablo Cody-penned, Zelda Williams-directed horror comedy, is hitting theaters next month (just in time for Valentine’s Day). And a new trailer gives us even more gory details. Watch it above.

In “Lisa Frankenstein” Kathryn Newton plays Lisa, a teenage girl obsessed with a dead man (Cole Sprouse). When that man comes back from the dead, things get really complicated. This trailer really emphasizes the 1980’s setting (it is soundtracked to When in Rome’s “The Promise”) and the idea that this is a forbidden, ultimately murderous love story.

Williams, making her feature directorial debut, seems to conjure a convincing, campy world and the snatches of Cody’s script suggest this is a worthy successor to her earlier horror comedy “Jennifer’s Body,” which has become a cult classic in the years since its release. (Cody also contributed uncredited rewrites to the “Evil Dead” remake from 2013.) Cody’s last produced feature film screenplay was 2018’s underrated “Tully,” which reunited her with her “Young Adult” and “Juno” filmmaker Jason Reitman.

The “coming of rage” story, which the trailer reveals is sadly rated PG-13, also stars Liza Soberano, Joe Chrest and Carla Gugino.

“Lisa Frankenstein” was produced by Cody and her partner Mason Novick and features a score from Florence and the Machine founding member Isabella Summers. It will be released by Focus Features on Feb. 9. Happy Valentine’s Day from Lisa Frankenstein.


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