‘Loot’ Stars and Creators Break Down That Season 2 Finale Cliffhanger

Maya Rudolph, Joel Kim Booster, Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard talk the Apple TV+ comedy’s “Empire Strikes Back”-style ending and hopes for Season 3

Nat Faxon and Maya Rudolph in "Loot." (Apple TV+)

Note: The following story contains spoilers from the “Loot” Season 2 finale.

The “Loot” Season 2 finale made plenty of big swings, including a hilariously chaotic cliffhanger for viewers to obsess over while waiting for a potential Season 3.

The Apple TV+ comedy series wrapped up its second season this week with Molly (Maya Rudolph) learning her Space for Everyone initiative caught the attention of some powerful new enemies, while her growing feelings for Arthur (Nat Faxon) led to some rash decision making — which led her to potentially leave town indefinitely with Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster) in the episode’s final scene.

“This is kind of like an ‘Empire Strikes Back’-style ending, where she suffers a personal setback and a professional setback and she’s just like, ‘I’m out of here,’” “Loot” cocreator Alan Yang told TheWrap.

“One character aspect of billionaires in general that applies to Molly is like, if you mess up, you’ve got your own jet. You can run away when most people cannot, they have to skulk back to their house,” cocreator Matt Hubbard added. “With Season 3, we’ll see what the consequences of that decision are.”

As Molly and fellow billionaire Grace (Ana Gasteyer) celebrated their partnership to turn Space for Everyone into a nationwide effort in the press, a Vanity Fair profile of the women caught the attention of a “trillionaire” from Wyoming, who was curious to tour the renovated hotel for unhoused people in Los Angeles — seemingly with the interest of joining in on the team’s mission.

After a seemingly successful day with the Wyoming mogul (played by comedian Allan Havey), Molly got an invite to have one last conversation with him before a formal decision. She was met by a room of cloaked individuals forcing her to let go of the initiative and keep the “order of things” intact, so billionaires can continue to keep their wealth for themselves. Though she held strong to their intimidation tactics, Molly was sad to learn that Grace joined their efforts, leaving her to move forward with Space for Everyone on her own.

Elsewhere, Sofia (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez) got back together with her beau Isaac (O-T Fagbenle) in New Orleans after she followed Molly’s advice to take the leap and choose love over her work responsibilities. Prompted by Sofia’s success, Molly visited Arthur after her meeting with the billionaires and confessed her feelings for him. Their passionate kiss was interrupted by Arthur’s model girlfriend Willa (Hayley Magnus). Skipping through the aftermath of the encounter, viewers then saw as Molly angrily dragged a suitcase and Nicholas into a private jet — the destination was unclear, but Molly was determined to leave all the drama behind once and for all.

“They could be going anywhere … We haven’t stopped talking about it and we are pretty obnoxious about it at this point,” Rudolph told TheWrap.

“I like the idea that the cornerstone of their relationship is a ‘no questions asked, we have each other’s backs’ sort of thing. This is definitely not the first time I’ve chased this woman down a tarmac carrying her luggage, I’ll find out what that reason is this time eventually,” Kim Booster added.

Joel Kim Booster in “Loot.” (Apple TV+)

Apple has not made a decision on the future of “Loot,” but Rudolph, who is also an executive producer on the series, said there’s no shortage of stories for the comedy to explore moving forward.

“There is such a wonderful opportunity for us to have public conversations about wealth inequality and what can be done, suggest ideas … We’re living in a time where we’re seeing endless examples of ridiculous wealth, so we’re only just scratching the surface on all these things that are going on in the world,” Rudolph said.

All episodes of “Loot” are available to stream now on Apple TV+.


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