‘Loot’ Star Maya Rudolph, Creators on How Molly Fulfills Her ‘Big’ Promise in Season 2: ‘Can She Really Change?’

Actor Joel Kim Booster also previews the “no walls up” comedy in store in the new episodes of the Apple TV+ series

“Loot” ended its first season with a big promise, and series star Maya Rudolph said billionaire Molly Novak is ready to live up to the challenging task in Season 2.

The Apple TV+ comedy series, about a woman who becomes a billionaire after divorcing a corporate giant, wrapped up its first season with Molly (Rudolph) pledging to invest her entire fortune in philanthropic efforts that make the world a better place for all.

“It’s a large assignment to take on … [but] Molly has every intention of making that happen,” Rudolph told TheWrap. “On top of that, she’s really investing in the Wells Foundation and the people in it, being a good boss for the first time.

“You get a lot of that fun ‘New year, new you’ energy,” she added.

Series creators Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard echoed the star’s sentiment, adding that their focus with the new episodes was to explore what it would look like if a billionaire woke up from “that wealth coma and [saw] what’s going on in the rest of the world.”

“You can’t just throw money into the street, right? You want to use it effectively and do it in a way that really helps people. And by the way, it’s not so easy to change as a person either,” Yang told TheWrap.

“That’s sort of the question of the season, can she really change?,” he added. “There’s also a lot of turmoil going on, which hopefully makes for good storytelling.”

Meagen Fay, Stephanie Styles, Maya Rudolph, Joel Kim Booster and Michaela Jaé Rodriguez in “Loot” (Credit: Apple TV+)

While Molly is in for some much-needed introspection in the new episodes, the show also kicks the comedy up a few notches as hilarity ensues between her and the staff of her foundation. Though director Sofia (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez) attempts to keep the mission statement on track, viewers can expect plenty of laugh-out-loud shenanigans as Molly and her assistant Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster) put down roots in the workplace.

“We’re all playing the same game and in the same arena, there’s no walls up,” Kim Booster told TheWrap of the ensemble comedy feel of Season 2. “The best part about getting a second season is being able to hit the ground running.”

“When you get to play with great people and create something that feels unique, it’s very fulfilling,” Rudolph added.

“Loot” Season 2 premieres with two episodes Wednesday on Apple TV+.


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