‘Love Is Blind’ Tops Nielsen Streaming Ratings For First Time With 2.1 Billion Minutes Viewed

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“Avatar: The Last Airbender” slid 25% from 2.56 billion to 1.94 billion viewing minutes

Sarah Ann Bick, Jeramey Lutinski, Jessica Vestal in the season 6 reunion of "Love is Blind" (Netflix)

“Love Is Blind” has topped Nielsen’s streaming viewership rankings for the first time ever.

While the Netflix reality dating show has ranked within Nielsen’s top 10 most-streamed titles 23 times across its six seasons, “Love Is Blind” logged 2.11 billion viewing minutes during the interval of Feb. 26 through March 3, making it the most-watched streaming title of the week.

Viewership for “Love Is Blind” surpassed that of Netflix’s “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” which logged 1.94 billion viewing minutes during the week, down 25% from the previous week’s viewership of 2.56 billion viewing minutes when the reboot stood as No. 1 on the Nielsen streaming list.

Still, viewership for “Love Is Blind” was down 12.3% from the previous week, when the show garnered 2.41 billion viewing minutes during the interval of Feb. 19-25, likely accounting for leftover viewership for the first six episodes of Season 6, which were released on Feb. 14, as well as episodes 7-9, which were released on Feb. 21. Episodes 10-11 were dropped on the streamer on Feb. 28, and “Love Is Blind” could see a viewing bump from its March 6 finale drop.

Both “Love Is Blind” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender” outpaced viewership for Nielsen staple “Bluey,” which logged 1.089 billion viewing minutes and came in as third place on the top 10 list. “Young Sheldon” scored fourth place on the list with 862 million viewing minutes, while “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” took the No. 5 slot with 847 million viewing minutes and “Grey’s Anatomy” came in sixth place with 781 million viewing minutes.

After its streaming boom this summer, “Suits” remained on the list in ninth place with 683 million viewing minutes, ahead of the 654 million viewing minutes brought in by “NCIS” this week.

Elsewhere, “Bluey” sat atop this week’s streaming list among acquired shows, followed by “Young Sheldon,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Notably, amid the release of the live-action reboot, animated series “Avatar the Last Airbender” scored 575 million viewing minutes across Netflix and Paramount+, taking the No. 9 spot on the acquired shows list.

“Love Is Blind” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender” then led the streaming originals list, while Netflix’s “Wrong Side of the Tracks” and “American Conspiracy: The Octopus” came in third and fourth place with 621 and 513 million viewing minutes, respectively, followed by “Shogun” in fifth place with 513 million viewing minutes on Hulu.


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