12 Most Shocking Moments From the ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6 Reunion

Nick and Vanessa Lachey returned to host the Netflix reunion, chronicling tense confrontations, long awaited apologies and more

Clay Gravesend and AD Smith in the season 6 reunion of "Love is Blind" (Greg Gayne/Netflix)

If anything can be expected from “Love Is Blind” reunions, it’s drama — and the Season 6 reunion certainly delivered on that front.

For those who need a quick refresher: The five couples who left the pods engaged were Laura Dadisman and Jeramey Lutinski, Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre, Clay Gravesande and Amber Desiree “AD” Smith, Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell and Kenneth Gorham and Brittany Mills.

While Blackwell and Presnell, Gravesande and Smith and Cortés and McIntyre made it to the finale still coupled up, only Gravesande and Smith and Cortés and McIntyre made it down the aisle on their wedding day. Cortés and McIntyre happily tied the knot, while Gravesande’s hesitation to say “I do” ended his chances of marrying Smith.

The couples and exes returned for the reunion alongside other pod daters who got wrapped into the drama — including Sarah Ann Bick, Jessica Vestal and Trevor Sova — just in time to update fans and hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey on their current status and deliver answers to all of the burning questions that arose since last week’s finale.

For a full breakdown of the reunion’s most shocking moments, see below.

Giannina Gibelli revealed she almost went on “Perfect Match”

As the “Love Is Blind” Season 1 alum updated the hosts on her current relationship with “Bachelorette” alum Blake Horstmann and her pregnancy with their son, Gibelli revealed she was set to appear on Netflix’s “Perfect Match” before she hit it off with Horstmann.

Jeramey Lutinski and Sarah Ann Bick unveiled their relationship — and maintained their 5 a.m. story

Lutinski revealed he has been dating Bick for the past year, and that the couple is currently living together. When the hosts pushed the couple on what they were really up to that night, Lutinski said he didn’t intentionally lie about his location after sharing it with Dadisman. The couple maintained they stayed up until 5 a.m. “just talking.”

Sarah Ann Bick accused the women of icing her out

As past confrontations and conversations were brought up between Bick and the women of “Love Is Blind” Season 6, Bick accused her costars of icing her out of a group chat and treating her poorly, to which the women responded that she was never a “girl’s girl.”

Chelsea Blackwell said Jeramey Lutinski and Sarah Ann Bick have been broken up

Blackwell pointed out that every time she has seen Lutinski, Lutinski has said he and Bick were broken up. Lutinski admitted the couple has faced “real-life” issues and been through their share of “ups and downs,” but noted they are going strong.

Trevor Sova admitted his mistakes

After bringing up screenshots between Sova and a woman with whom he was entangled before joining the show (and after leaving), Sova admitted he came on the show to experiment with someone he wouldn’t usually be with. He maintained that the woman he messaged with wasn’t his girlfriend, but noted the relationship was “toxic.” Sova made it clear that had Blackwell chosen him, he would have stayed with Blackwell. He then promptly left the stage.

Clay Gravesande said he made a mistake by saying ‘No’ to the love of his life”

Gravesande admitted he made a mistake by saying “No” to Smith when the former pair walked down the aisle, and he even called Smith the “love of his life.” The exes revealed they went weeks without talking following their wedding day, before Gravesande eventually called her. Since then, Gravesande said he’s done the work to improve. Smith refrained to say whether she would date Gravesande again.

Jessica Vestal called Chelsea Blackwell one of her best friends

When revisiting their past feelings about one another, Vestal called Blackwell one of her best friends, and Blackwell confirmed that the pair is on good terms.

Jimmy Presnell admitted he should have let Chelsea Blackwell go sooner

Presnell and Blackwell looked back on their relationship, and how much Blackwell revealing that Presnell hooked up with his friend on camera broke his trust. Presnell admitted he should have let Blackwell go then and there, and noted he drug on the relationship for a bit longer.

Jessica Vestal confronted Jimmy Presnell about his post-show interviews

Vestal accused Presnell of saying “horrible things” about her in his post-show interviews, including accusing her of “hammering” into him about exploring other connections and “storming out” of their date within 10 minutes. Presnell denied he said “horrible things,” and noted the date felt like 10 minutes, despite Vestal pointing out it was closer to 45 minutes.

Footage from the season shows the couple paused their date an hour and 23 minutes before resuming, bringing their date to two hours and 13 minutes.

Kenneth Gorham and Brittany Mills revealed they speak “nearly everyday”

Despite no longer being a couple, the exes are close friends who speak “nearly everyday” and have a bond that will last for an “eternity.”

AD Smith revealed she went on a couple dates with Matthew Duliba

Smith surprised the crowd by revealing that she went on two dates with Matthew Duliba — the first was an opportunity for Duliba to apologize to Smith and Duliba cooked her dinner during the second date. Things fizzled out from there, as Smith said the two live very different lives. Gravesande said he knew about the dates.

Izzy Zapata, Micah Lussier and Jessica Vestal revealed their next reality show plans

The “Love Is Blind” alumni will join Nick Lachey on “Perfect Match” Season 2, which is set to premiere this summer.


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