‘Maestro,’ ‘Saltburn’ and ‘Barbie’ Win Make-Up and Hair Styling Awards

TV winners include “The Crown,” “The Last of Us” and “The Morning Show”

Bradley Cooper in "Maestro" (Netflix)
Bradley Cooper in "Maestro" (Netflix)

“Maestro,” “Saltburn” and “Barbie” have won the feature-film awards from the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild, which gave out its annual awards on Sunday evening in Los Angeles.  

The Bradley Cooper-helmed film won the two MUAHS categories that most closely correspond to the Oscars’ Best Makeup and Hairstyling category: Best Special Make-Up Effects and Best Period and/or Character Make-Up (The Academy treats both of those disciplines as single words, while the guild hyphenates make-up and splits hair styling into two words).

Meanwhile, “Saltburn” won for Best Contemporary Make-Up and Best Contemporary Hair Styling, and “Barbie” took the award for Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling.

The wins were significant for “Maestro,” which has seen its status as a frontrunner for the Oscar makeup award falter as it lost at the BAFTAs and the Critics Choice Awards to “Poor Things” and “Barbie,” respectively.

In the first 15 years of the MUAHS awards, which ran between 1999 and 2003 before returning in 2013, the winner for period make-up went on to win the Oscar eight times, while the special make-up effects winner won seven times. In five of those years, the same film won both MUAHS categories — and in four of those five years, it went on to win the Oscar.

Of this year’s MUAHS feature-film winners, only “Maestro” is also nominated for the Oscar; “Barbie” and “Saltburn” did not even make the 10-film shortlist from which the five nominees were chosen.

In the television categories, winners included “The Crown,” “The Idol,” “The Last of Us,” “The Morning Show” and “Queen Charlotte.” “Dancing With the Stars” won three awards and “Saturday Night Live” won two.

The guild also gave out awards in daytime TV, commercial and theatrical categories.

The ceremony took place at the Beverly Hilton and was hosted by Melissa Peterman. Special honors went to Annette Bening, who received the MUAHS Distinguished Artisan Award in absentia because she’d contracted COVID; makeup artist Michael Westmore, who was given the Vanguard Award; and makeup artist Kevin Haney and hairstylist Ora T. Green, who received Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Here is the complete list of winners: 


Best Contemporary Make-Up: “Saltburn”
Siân Miller, Laura Allen

Best Period and/or Character Make-Up: “Maestro”
Siân Grigg, Jackie Risotto, Elisa Tallerico, Nicky Pattison-Illum

Best Special Make-Up Effects: “Maestro”
Kazu Hiro, Siân Grigg, Duncan Jarman, Mike Mekash

Best Contemporary Hair Styling: “Saltburn”
Siân Miller, Laura Allen

Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling: “Barbie”
Ivana Primorac, Marie Larkin, Clare Corsick, Ricci-Lee Berry


Best Contemporary Make-Up: “The Idol”
Kirsten Sage Coleman, Mandy Artusato, Jessie Bishop, Erin Blinn

Best Period and/or Character Make-Up: “The Crown”
Cate Hall, Emilie Yong-Mills, Debbie Ormrod, Stacey Holman

Best Special Make-Up Effects: “The Last of Us”
Barrie Gower, Paul Spateri, Sarah Gower, Paula Eden

Best Contemporary Hair Styling: “The Morning Show”
Nicole Venables, Jennifer Petrovich, Janine Thompson, Lona Vigi

Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling: “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”
Nic Collins, Giorgio Galliero


Best Contemporary Make-Up: “Dancing With the Stars”
Julie Socash, Donna Bard, Lois Harriman, Sarah Woolf

Best Period and/or Character Make-Up: “Saturday Night Live”
Louie Zakarian, Amy Tagliamonti, Jason Milani, Joanna Pisani

Best Special Make-Up Effects: “Saturday Night Live”
Louie Zakarian, Jason Milani, Brandon Grether, Tom Denier Jr.

Best Contemporary Hair Styling: “Dancing With the Stars”
Dwayne Ross, Joe Matke, Amber Nicholle Maher, Marion Rogers

Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling: “Dancing With the Stars”
Kimi Messina, Dwayne Ross, Joe Matke, Brittany Spaulding


Best Make-Up: “The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula”
Swanthula Boulet, Dracmorda Boulet

Best Hair Styling: “The Young and the Restless”
Lauren Mendoza, Justin Jackson, Michelle Corona, Diana Santana


Best Make-Up: “American Born Chinese ”
Jorjee Douglass, Mara Rouse, Nicole Hawkyard, Ralis Kahn

Best Hair Styling: “The Santa Clauses”
Anissa Emily Salazar, Nina Adado, Morgan Ferrando, Patricia Lansingh


Best Make-Up: “American Horror Stories: Delicate” Promo
Kerry Herta, Jason Collins, Alyssa Morgan, Orlando Marin

Best Hair Styling: “American Horror Stories: Delicate” Promos
Joe Matke, Jeri Baker, Johnny Lomeli, Genyii Scott


Best Make-Up: “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical”
Robyn-Marie Rebbe, Chloe-Nil Acerol, Ashley Roller, Angelina Avallone

Best Hair Styling: “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical”
 Robyn-Marie Rebbe, Chloe-Nil Acerol, Liz Printz, Thomas Augustin


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