‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Premieres to Harsh Reactions: ‘Thor But S–ty’

ABC series launches two-week IMAX run today, and not everyone is impressed

'Marvel's Inhumans'
'Marvel's Inhumans'

Are things getting hairy for “Marvel’s Inhumans”?

The new ABC drama series premiered in IMAX theaters nationwide today, giving fans their first chance to check out the show that has been hit with criticism of its trailers, particularly surrounding the wig worn by Medusa (Serinda Swan) that some people thought looked fake.

Many of the fans who got to see the first two episodes in theaters have already taken to social media to offer their thoughts. To be fair, there are certainly fans who are praising the episodes, but there are also plenty who agree with the previous flak.

“Lousy editing, cringeworthy performances due to laughably on-the-nose dialogue, no tension whatsoever, pretentious slow-motion action scuppered by the limited budget, dramatic sequences which unintentionally had the audience in stitches,” tweeted one user.

“Not only is #Inhumans not worth paying for to see early in IMAX, it’s probably not worth watching for free in 2 weeks on ABC,” wrote someone else. “It demands an immediate attachment to these characters that it hasn’t earned. Why should I care about bad wig lady or hoof man?”

A third person tweeted, “#Inhumans is like someone wanted to make THOR, but s–ty.”

Some fans were delighted by what they saw, while a number of other tweets that were technically positive were still rather measured in their positivity.

“I saw #Inhumans in IMAX today and I gotta say that it’s really not THAT bad,” one user wrote.

Channing Dungey, entertainment president for the network, acknowledged at a press event earlier this month that the show initially received negative fan reaction to the wig. She added that the show is “still a work in progress.”

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“Marvel’s Inhumans” is in IMAX now for a two-week run before its two-hour ABC launch on Sept. 29.