‘Reacher’ Actor Matthew Marsden Says He Lost Job Over COVID Mandate: ‘I Am Unvaccinated and I Won’t Lie About It’

“Conservatives in Hollywood speak up against tyranny, and we get cancelled,” he tweeted

Matthew Marsden
Matthew Marsden (Getty Images)

Actor Matthew Marsden says in a series of tweets that he recently lost a job for being anti-vax and criticizes Hollywood for its treatment of conservatives.

“I lost a job last week because I am unvaccinated and I will not lie about it,” he posted on Thursday. “If more people stood up in Hollywood, or any other profession and said ‘no’ then these vaccine mandates would have gone away.”

He continued, “It is the same on Twitter [sic]. The trolls know they can push you around. It is never going to end. No one forces you to post politically. Your choice.”

On Saturday, he elaborated on his experience as a vocal conservative working in Hollywood.

“Conservatives in Hollywood speak up against tyranny, and we get cancelled. The phone stops ringing,” he wrote, adding that actors Mark Ruffalo, Ron Pearlman and Sean Penn “say all kinds of stuff and nothing happens to them.”

“In fact, they will be sought out because of their ‘brave stances,’” he continued. “The fact is that conservatives that speak out are not supported by their ‘team’. You get cancelled, it’s on you. You get attacked on the left, and your team rushes to help you. Financially. Morally. With PR. This is why more don’t speak out. We abandon our own. It has to change.”

Marsden, whose work includes the series “Reacher” and films like “Tenet” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” said he chose to speak out for people who “feel like they don’t have a say.”

He thanked his supporters, acknowledging the “risks involved.”

A number of high-profile actors have been fired for refusing to comply with COVID vaccine mandates and mask policies on set. Soap opera stars Ingo Rademacher and Steve Burton exited “General Hospital” in late 2021. Around the same time, Ice Cube left the comedy project “Oh Hell No” after turning down the vaccine.