Media and Entertainment’s AI ‘Watch List’: 10 Tech Companies to Closely Track | Commentary

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From Scarlett Johansson’s voice to Google’s AI Overviews to Apple’s “Crush” iPad ad, May showed it’s time to start monitoring ethically sourced AI.

AI Watch List
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Scarlett Johansson and the Apple "Crush" ad

May was not a good month for generative AI companies in the eyes of the creative community. OpenAI mimicked Scarlett Johansson’s voice to push CEO Sam Altman’s agenda. Google search introduced AI Overviews to give consumers the information they need without linking them to the publishers who create it. And Apple crushed all of creativity down to a pulp. Literally.

All of this shines the spotlight on the need for the media and entertainment industry, together with all creatives in it, to closely follow accelerating developments in the genAI space and take action to protect their rightful interests. To that end, here is my first generative AI “watch list” – an inauspicious group of 10 companies to track and keep the heat on in order to move to a more ethically and legally sourced — not to mention, fairly compensated — genAI world.


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