Megyn Kelly Drags ‘Entitled,’ ‘New Feminists’ for Getting Heated Over ‘Barbie’ Oscar Snubs: ‘It’s Never Enough’ | Video

“You’re a misogynist unless you actually make Margot Robbie the nominee for best actress and recognize Greta in her directing role,” says the podcast host

Megyn Kelly slammed “new feminists” and claimed they’re “entitled” for stating “Barbie” director Greta Gerwig and the film’s star Margot Robbie were snubbed by the Motion Picture Academy after they didn’t received nominations for Best Director and Best Actress.

In the latest episode of Kelly’s podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” the host addressed the major outcry from “Barbie” fans and critics who felt Gerwig and Robbie were sold short in this year’s Oscar nominations. Watch the segment above.

“It’s so ridiculous now that women – now that we’re considered equals of course, and are getting treated like – [now] we deserve all the awards. All the women we choose need to be nominated for the positions we think otherwise, the f–g patriarchy. That’s literally what they’re tweeting out that … ‘they made a movie about the patriarchy and then the patriarchy kept them down,’” Kelly said, mentioning that stars in the film did receive acclaim.

“Did they keep America Ferrera down because she seems really thrilled that she got this nomination for Best Supporting Actress and Greta got a nod as best screenwriter, but it’s never enough,” Kelly went on.

“Barbie” received eight nominations on Tuesday, including for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Achievement in Production Design and Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures. 

That fact was pointed out by Kelly, who highlighted the number of nominations the film did receive versus the nods it didn’t, saying the backlash is mainly coming from new-age feminists who she feels wouldn’t be happy unless the two women were selected for the awards categories.

“‘Barbie’ didn’t get enough nominations. Alright, so the new feminists are very, very angry that Margot Robbie did not get nominated for Best Actress and Greta Gerwig did not get nominated for Best Director because, you see, they were entitled to. That’s pretty much what I understand is the argument,”Kelly said.

She continued: “The best supporting actress, America Ferrera who was in that movie, she got the nod. And for best screenplay, Greta Gerwig was nominated with the man with whom she co-wrote the movie. But that’s not enough, you see. You’re a misogynist unless you actually make Margot Robbie the nominee for Best Actress and recognize Greta in her directing role. And that’s just how life works.”

“Barbie” and the amount of awards it’s received and who received them have been a point of contention for many. Even “Barbie’s” Ken, Ryan Gosling, shared his disappointment in the Academy for not nominated Gerwig and Robbie. Gosling was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the film.

“There is no Ken without Barbie, and there is no Barbie movie without Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie, the two people most responsible for this history-making, globally-celebrated film,” Gosling said in his Tuesday statement.

He continued: “No recognition would be possible for anyone on the film without their talent, grit and genius. To say that I’m disappointed that they are not nominated in their respective categories would be an understatement.”


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