Milli Vanilli Documentary ‘Girl You Know It’s True’ Set by MRC

The film will feature surviving member Fab Morvan and the actual vocalists behind the infamous pop duo

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Milli Vanilli is getting the documentary treatment. Luke Korem will direct the film, named after the pop duo’s hit single “Girl You Know It’s True.”

The film will chronicle the rise and fall of the most infamous Grammy winners in history.

In 1987, German producer Frank Farian brought together immigrants Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus to create the pop duo Milli Vanilli. The two produced one of the biggest hits of the decade, won the Grammy for Best New Artist and sold over 10 million records. But after it was revealed that the two had lip-synced their multi-platinum 1989 album, it caused a scandal that led to them being stripped of their awards, their financial independence, their dignity as artists and, eventually, Pilatus’ tragic death. 

The film will feature never-before-seen footage as well as interviews with the actual singers behind Milli Vanilli’s music and exclusive access to surviving member Morvan.

“For 30 years, Fab and Rob have been unfairly maligned while the industry machinations that exploited them continued to flourish,” Amit Dey, head of MRC Non-Fiction, said. “Luke and Bradley’s perspective comes from a place of empathy and understanding for characters who were caught in a game where nobody explained the rules. We’re excited to go on that journey with Fab and the whole team.”

“Milli Vanilli has made an indelible mark on music and pop culture history, yet the truth of what happened is more bizarre than anyone knows,” director Luke Korem added. “There are so many layers, characters and twists that have never before been revealed. I’m elated to partner with MRC and share the truth behind what has been dubbed the greatest con in music history.”

Korem will produce under his banner Keep On Running Pictures. Joining as producers are Bradley Jackson and Fulwell 73. Executive producing the project is noted author and music critic Hanif Abdurraqib and Fulwell 73’s Richard Thompson.

MRC, which has a minority investment in Fulwell 73, will produce “Girl You Know It’s True” as the first of four projects under a new partnership between Fulwell 73’s Music & Sports and MRC’s Non-Fiction divisions to develop a slate of high-profile music documentaries featuring multi-genre legacy and current artists.


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