‘Morning Joe’ Says ‘Gravity’ of Israel-Hamas War Has ‘Marginalized’ Donald Trump (Video)

Co-host Mika Brzezinski called Trump’s latest speech “kind of frightening to listen to”

The hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” said Tuesday that the sheer gravity of the Israel-Hamas war has “marginalized” Donald Trump, even as they picked apart a recent campaign speech, saying it was “frightening to listen to.”

Trump spoke to supporters at a campaign stop in Derry, New Hampshire, on Monday. In a characteristically rambling speech, he mistakenly referred to Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán as the leader of Turkey, among other flubs. 

Co-host Mika Brzezinski prefaced a brief clip of the speech saying “Let’s just say in all seriousness, by the way, this is not a joke. … If Joe Biden had said the things that Trump said most Republicans would be calling for him to be put in an old age home.” 

After the clip concluded, co-host Joe Scarborough said “It’s troubling to me that he called Orbán one of the strongest leaders. He brags that he’s illiberal, that they have an illiberal democracy and not a Western-style democracy.”

“And again, there’s a guy who keeps thinking he’s running against Barack Obama,” Scarborough continued. “Not doing well.”

Co-host Willie Geist added that Trump “promised in his next term to build like Israel, an Iron Dome over the United States.” Israel is a very small country, the size of New Jersey, “so that would be a heck of a project for the United States to undertake.” 

“This is the man who has been frankly marginalized by this war, by the gravity of what’s been happening for the last couple of weeks,” Geist said of Trump. 

The co-host added that Trump in recent weeks has said publicly that “Hezbollah was ‘very smart,’” and blamed “Israel yesterday for what happened to them, a terrorist attack against them.”

“And periodically visiting courtrooms across the country in between,” Geist said referencing the intense legal scrutiny Trump is facing.  

MSNBC contributor Katty Kay noted that some on the fence about voting for Trump in 2024 may question whether he is “somebody who we can’t trust with the security of Global Affairs.”

“It’s kind of frightening to listen to,” Brzezinski said. 


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