MSNBC Staff Join Flood of Complaints Over NBC Hiring GOP’s Ronna McDaniel

The former RNC chair lacks a “very basic understanding” of democracy and doesn’t adhere to standards around facts, Marisa Kabas wrote in an email to management

Ronna McDaniel
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NBC News and MSNBC are facing a wave of backlash after hiring former Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel as an on-air contributor on Friday, with some staffers speaking out publicly against the move. 

McDaniel has repeatedly attacked the network in the past, calling their journalists “propagandists.” She also promoted false claims of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. 

The hire ignited controversy with some network staffers speaking out, including MSNBC columnist Marisa Kabas who posted on social media an email she sent to NBC News questioning the network’s reasoning and asking for them to reconsider the hire. 

“You wrote: ‘It couldn’t be a more important moment to have a voice like Ronna’s on the team.’ As a fellow voice on the team — albeit one far less known, far less powerful, and likely far less compensated — I want to understand what kind of message this is supposed to send to us?” Kabas wrote in the email. 

“As columnists we are held to strict standards of factuality and truth, and are expected to have a fundamental understanding of our democracy,” Kabas continued. “McDaniel has proven time and again she adheres to none of those values, and lacks that very basic understanding.”

Another MSNBC columnist, Andrea Grimes “cosigned” the message by simply writing “f–k this.” 

The network was one of several competing to land the big-name Republican, according to media reporter Brian Stelter. She joins fellow former RNC chair Michael Steele as a commentator at NBC.

In the internal memo announcing the hiring of McDaniel, senior VP of politics Carrie Budoff Brown wrote that “NBC News has a legacy of serving its audience through reporting that reflects and examines the diverse perspectives of American voters … this variety of voices builds on our rigorous reporting and helps bring audiences and voters closer to the thinking and decision making within our halls of power.”

Others outside of the network lambasted the decision across social media. 

NBC declined to comment when reached by TheWrap.


3 responses to “MSNBC Staff Join Flood of Complaints Over NBC Hiring GOP’s Ronna McDaniel”

  1. Woody McBreairty Avatar
    Woody McBreairty

    This woman is a major hypocrite, a liar & a cheat. She is a Trump cult member & election denier. Until now, MSNBC has had the creme’ de la creme’ of journalists on their channel, most of whom hosted a very honest, truthful, objective, rational & nonpartisan program and, I think, with guests who joined their discourse who were/are consistently very well informed, very articulate & never prone to be deceiving for the sake of “being right”. MSNBC always represented the truth with dignity, showcased classiest people of all the cable news type channels. It’s a sad commentary on the direction MSNBC is trying to take. learned their lesson, with the last “big change” debacle. The last thing we need is another Fox propaganda channel. I think MSNBC, has been for years my all-time favorite political type “news” channel but, considering this debacle, a repeat of the recent previous one, I’ll be moving on, though trying to listen to my two favorite, Lawrence & Rachel. It’s sad.

  2. Mickey Rowe Avatar
    Mickey Rowe

    Hey, why were you at it? Let’s have the Grand Wizard of the KKK join the NAACP. And I love MSNBC, but “say what?”

  3. donna weinholtz Avatar
    donna weinholtz

    This is an insane decision- this person doesn’t even rate a 30 second segment on MSNBC much less hiring her as a contributor?? seriously, does NBC think the truth needs to be pummeled on air with this dim-witted political whore who dropped her own name (Romney) because it offended her puppet master, the former president? seriously? and to hire this festooned makeup laden talking liar face at this time in our political struggle? the only reason any legitimate journalist would be interested in her is to grill her about her lies and hold her accountable for same. I have been a loyal viewer since day one of MSNBC: it hurts, but I have turned off my all time favorite network over the twisted cynicism of this hire.
    NBC : you are no proud peacock- just a pile of wet feathers.

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