Why Netflix’s New Ad-Supported Tier Could Lead to More Ratings Transparency

Advertisers will need to know more before dropping millions of dollars than what Netflix’s publicly shared viewership data currently reveals

Netflix stands alone in the crowded streaming industry as the most transparent company when it comes to viewership metrics, yet its public weekly data dump proves that it’s still hoarding the most valuable insights into audience consumption. Will that change with the company’s looming introduction of an ad-supported tier?

“Presumably, Netflix’s move into AVOD [advertising-based video on demand] will help, because, to quote ‘Spider-Man,’ with great advertising comes great responsibility. Specifically, to advertisers,” Entertainment Strategy Guy, a former digital entertainment executive at one of the major streaming services who now covers the industry as an anonymous analyst, told TheWrap.

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Brandon Katz

Brandon Katz is an industry strategist at Parrot Analytics, a WrapPRO partner.