Netflix’s Movie Catalog Outshines Rivals, But Demand for Originals Is Dropping | Charts

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Netflix’s original films are responsible for less than 20% of the total demand for movies on the platform

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Netflix holds a leading position when it comes to movie catalogs. Parrot Analytics Content Panorama, which provides supply-side information about streaming platform catalogs in multiple markets, shows that Netflix had a larger movie catalog than all the other SVOD platforms, closely followed by Amazon Prime Video only (not considering Prime Videos add-on channels). There’s a significant drop to Max, which has the third-largest catalog.

Unlike other platforms, such as Max and Paramount+, which are linked to a big movie studio and end up being the streaming home of their movies, Netflix relies on licensing and producing movies to have movie content available. The platform pioneered the concept of streaming-released movies in 2015 with movies like “Beast of No Nation,” with the rest of the industry following.


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