Netflix Film Division Undergoes Genre-Based Restructuring, Layoffs

Around a dozen Netflix employees are leaving after Dan Lin worked on the re-org with Bela Bajaria, outside partners and film heads

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
"Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery." (John Wilson/Netflix)

Dan Lin, the newly installed head of Netflix Film, is shaking things up.

The movie division of the streaming giant is getting reorganized, with the entire unit getting split up by genre with executives overseeing each specific subcategory.

While Lin only just started on April 1, he has been consulting with chief content officer Bela Bajaria (who Lin reports to) about the re-org. Lin had also been consulting with outside partners and the various film heads before his first official day at the start of the month.

Ori Marmur will oversee action, fantasy and sci-fi; Kira Goldberg will work on thrillers, dramas and, curiously, family films; Niija Kuykendall will be in charge of faith-based, young adult and holiday offerings; and Jason Young will work on comedies and rom-coms.

Along with the reorganization, there will be departures; around a dozen Netflix employees have been impacted.

Previously, under Lisa Nishimura and Tendo Nagenda, the division was split up by budget. After their departures, the team was run by Goldberg, Marmur and Kuykendall. At that point it was seen as an effort to streamline the somewhat confusing nature of the Netflix film structure.


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