Netflix Earnings: Wall Street Hopes Ad Tier, Password Crackdown Will Reignite Growth

Investors and analysts will see if the streamer’s revenue-boosting efforts are bearing fruit when it releases quarterly earnings Tuesday

To be honest, Wall Street probably doesn’t care that much what numbers Netflix reports as earnings season kicks off on Tuesday. What investors want to see, analysts say, is that the streamer’s efforts to reignite growth — in a new ad tier and a crackdown on password sharing — are paying off.

“Following strong subscriber growth numbers at the end of last year, it will be important to see what momentum Netflix was able to carry into 2023,” Third Bridge analyst Jamie Lumley told TheWrap. “The first quarter of the year has historically been weaker for subscriber growth, but with recent price hikes from competitors like Disney and Warner Bros Discovery, Netflix may have had the opportunity to pick up more subscribers.”

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Lucas Manfredi

Lucas Manfredi joined TheWrap in November 2022 after four years at Fox Business. He can be reached at