Nicholas Sparks Gets Some NBA All-Star Help on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ (Video)

Although men who see Sparks’ movies are generally dragged to theaters by their girlfriends, Kimmel turns the tables on the stereotype with his own brand of tongue-in-cheek humor

Talk about a good way to reach a crossover audience.

Author Nicholas Sparks — who’s been promoting his latest book-to-the-big-screen romance, “The Best of Me” — enlisted the help of some of the biggest names in the NBA to help him plug his movie on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

In a pre-taped skit titled the “Basketball Book Club,” four NBA superstars appeared in a living room set dressed mostly in knit sweaters while shipping chardonnay, ready to discuss their thoughts on Sparks’ source material.

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Blake Griffin of the L.A. Clippers, the group leader, kicks things off by asking, “Who else wept?” (each one of the men then admits that they did.)

But of course, like any good book club, there comes the time for dissenting opinion.

“Yeah, I dunno,” interjects Chandler Parsons of the Dallas Mavericks, wearing what looks like his grandma’s reading glasses. “I found the book to be… a little prosaic.”

“Excuse me?” challenges Matt Barnes also of the Clippers. “What’s prosaic about two souls destined to be together, forever?”

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“But there can’t just be one person for everyone, right?” Parsons asks.

Then Nicholas Sparks himself is brought in from waiting outside of the room, to answer Parson’s question.

“Mr. Parsons, you missed my point entirely,” the author explains. “Dawson and Amanda, they’re just manifestations of the universal theme. It’s not about finding ‘the one,’ it’s about finding the person who brings out the best in you.”

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And with that, the men of the book club all give a toast to love.

Watch the clip above to absorb the full richness of the “Basketball Book Club.”

“The Best of Me,” starring James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan, hits theaters this Friday.