Nicki Minaj Finally Drops ‘Anaconda’ Video And It’s As Jawdropping As You’d Expect (Oh, Drake)

Oh my gosh! It’s full of bumpin, grindin, twerking, bikinis, and Nicki slithering over Drake

After tons of teasing, an endless stream of racy promo pics and a booty bouncin’ teaser clip, Nicki Minaj finally dropped the music video for her single “Anaconda” on Tuesday night. And it’s as explicit as you’d expect.

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The video features 4 minutes, 50 seconds of “Big Butts,” as Sir Mix-a-Lot intones in the sampled lines from his hit, “Baby Got Back.” An anthem to women with curves, Minaj certainly isn’t shy about showing hers off.

The rapper’s buxom backside is front-and-center as she slithers around Drake during a lap dance sequence. She also twerks, slaps a backup dancer’s butt and struts around in a pink sports bra and G-string. Yes, the same outfit she unleashed on Instagram.

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In addition to all the aerobic activity, Nicki and her backup posse lift a few weights. Then the superstar-turned-video vixen takes time out to whip something up in the kitchen. Seriously, there’s a cooking segment.

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Minaj plans to perform the single at the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 24. Clearly the lyrics — which include a string of N-words — will have to be cleaned up. But beyond that, it’s hard to imagine a performance that won’t stir up as much attention and publicity as Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke did last year.

The Parents Television Council has already come out and asked MTV to show an appropriate rating for the sexual content the show will broadcast, suggesting that last year’s Cyrus twerk-fest was deserving of a TV-MA rating. With “Anaconda” a part of the lineup, one has to imagine a rather racy performance to go along with it. Especially if this video is any indication.

Feast your eyes on Ms. Minaj and her ASSets in the video above.