20th Century Studios Thriller ‘No Exit’ Set for Hulu Debut in February

Film is based on the 2017 Taylor Adams novel of the same name

20th Century Studios/Hulu

The feature film adaptation of the 2017 Taylor Adams novel “No Exit” is set to premiere directly on Hulu next month. The 20th Century Studios release will debut on the streaming service as a Hulu Original on Feb. 25. The film will also be released internationally as an Original on Disney+ and Star+ on the same day.

The mystery-thriller stars Havana Rose Liu as Darby, a young woman on her way to a family emergency who gets stranded by a blizzard and finds shelter at a highway rest stop with a group of strangers. But when Darby comes across an abducted girl in a van in the parking lot, she must figure out which of these strangers is the kidnappers – before it’s too late.

Damien Power (“Killing Ground”) directed the film from a screenplay by “Ant-Man and the Wasp” screenwriters Andrea Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari. Scott Frank (“The Queen’s Gambit”) serves as producer, while the ensemble cast also includes Danny Ramirez (“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”), David Rysdahl (“Nine Days”), Mila Harris (“Young Dylan”) and Dennis Haysbert (“Breakthrough”).

Adams’ novel was optioned by 20th Century Fox in 2017, but production didn’t get underway until June 2021 – after Fox had sold to Disney and become 20th Century Studios. Hulu has now become a new release outlet for 20th Century Studios projects, although “No Exit” was always intended for a Hulu release.

This summer, the new “Predator” film “Prey” — also from 20th Century Studios — will debut exclusively on Hulu.