‘No One Will Save You’ Is Safe at No. 1 on Top Streaming Movies List | Chart

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Streaming on Hulu, the film pushes Disney’s “Elemental” to second place

No One Will Save You
20th Century/Hulu

Following a limited theatrical premiere, “No One Will Save You” debuted on Hulu on Friday. It ranks as the No. 1 most-streamed film for the weekend of Sept. 22-24 on Whip Media’s Movie Ranker, which uses viewership data from its consumer app, TV Time, which has over 28 million registered users globally.

The film breaks the mold by only having one line of dialogue throughout the entirety of its 93-minute runtime. The sci-fi horror film stars Kaitlyn Dever in the role of Brynn, a young woman who finds herself fighting for her life after aliens invade her home.

After breaking records for Disney+ last week, Pixar’s “Elemental” continued to attract viewers to the platform this weekend, earning the No.


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