‘Oppenheimer’ Ignites With Massive $10.5 Million at Thursday Box Office

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Christopher Nolan’s latest epic is positioned to open well above ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Dunkirk’

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Christoper Nolan’s latest epic “Oppenheimer” began its domestic box office marathon with a whopping $10.5 million in Thursday preview grosses. That’s a staggering total for what is essentially a 3-hour, R-rated grimdark drama mostly concerned with men in suits having cryptic conversations about science and politics.

It’s also around double the preview grosses for “Interstellar” ($4.8 million in 2014) and “Dunkirk” ($5.5 million in 2017), pointing toward an opening weekend figure well above those films’ respective $49 million and $50 million Fri-Sun debuts.