Paramount Streaming Exec Domenic DiMeglio Explains How Paramount+ Capitalized on New Subs After Super Bowl

Office With a View: The CMO and head of data tells TheWrap how plans for the 2024 Super Bowl began an entire year before the big game

Domenic DiMeglio Office with a View Artwork
Paramount Streaming CMO and head of data Domenic DiMeglio (Credit: Paramount/Chris Smith for TheWrap)

The Super Bowl is the most-watched television event of the year, every year. But in the streaming age, the rights to stream the big game come with intense responsibility – and intense opportunity. Domenic DiMeglio, the chief marketing officer and head of data for Paramount Streaming, told TheWrap that the studio began planning their approach to streaming the 2024 Super Bowl on Paramount+ the day after the last Super Bowl.

“It really is taking the time to get everything ready to roll, and it’s a year-long effort,” he explained in this week’s installment of TheWrap’s Office With a View. The result was streaming viewership that was 50% larger than 2023’s game (which was streamed for free by Fox) and the most single-day signups for Paramount+ ever recorded, according to Antenna.


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