Paris Hilton Says ‘Paris in Love’ Season 2 Brought Family ‘Even Closer’ After Her ‘Shocking’ Memoir

“Paris: The Memoir” revealed hidden past traumas from abuse at her Utah boarding school to feeling “private agony” during her early 2000s abortion

Kathy Hilton, Paris Hilton and Phoenix Reum in "Paris in Love" Season 2 (Peacock)

The second season of Paris Hilton’s “Paris in Love” delves into the socialite’s past traumas as she prepares to unveil her memoir to both the world and her family, prompting an emotional revelation that brought Hilton and her relatives “even closer.”

Several of the painful experiences Hilton recounted in “Paris: The Memoir” — from the abuse she endured at her Utah boarding school to the “private agony” she felt as she underwent an abortion in the early 2000s and — were unknown to her closest relatives, including younger sister Nicky and her mother Kathy.

“In my book, I wrote about so many things that I had never told my best friends or none of my family so it was definitely really shocking for them to read,” Hilton told TheWrap ahead of the release of the sophomore installment of the Peacock reality series. “It made everyone’s super emotional to know that I had went through so many really difficult and hard times, basically alone with nobody knowing about it. The show has brought us so much closer.”

While Hilton admits watching the conversations between her family might bring back up painful emotions for her relatives, who she said had not yet watched “Paris in Love” Season 2 before its Nov. 30 launch, the entrepreneur called opening up on the show a “healing experience.”

“Just to have to relive certain things that have happened, it will definitely be emotional for them to watch,” she said. “But … it just brought us even closer so I try to think of the positive.”

Another major life event is similarly shaking up life for Hilton and her husband, Carter Reum, in “Paris in Love” Season 2 as the couple welcomes their first child, a boy named Phoenix, into the world.

Like her second baby, London, who was born just a week prior to the show’s launch, Hilton and Reum decided to keep Phoenix’s impending birth via surrogacy a secret from the public as well as virtually everyone in the couple’s lives — including Nicky and Kathy — with Hilton sharing news of the surrogacy directly to her fans in a vlog-style video from her closet.

“I just felt that my life has just been so public being in this industry [over] the past two decades, that I really just wanted it to be a journey between Carter and I,” Hilton said. “On my show … I just feel more comfortable [when] I was alone in my closet talking — I felt like I was just like speaking to my fans because we have such a close relationship. I just wanted to to share that with everyone.”

With the urge to keep the birth out of the public eye, Hilton added the surrogacy would be “such exciting news” that would be hard for her family to keep in, leading her to surprise her mom on the show by bringing in Phoenix without any warning.

As the pair documented notable moments ahead of Phoenix’s birth, Hilton noted the family now has “the ultimate family home videos” that they are already watching back fondly, saying “it’s just exciting to look back at everything to see how much Phoenix has grown, and [it] really warms my heart to see everything captured.”

With newborn London and 10-month old Phoenix, Hilton said her dream of an older brother and younger sister duo is coming true, noting “my life certainly feels complete my cutesy crew.”

“I always wished that I had an older brother growing up because I feel like so many of the bad things that happened to me wouldn’t have happened if I had an older brother to protect me,” Hilton said. “I’m just really happy that London’s going to have Phoenix to always watch after her. He’ll always be there as the big brother — that just makes me feel super happy.”

The second season of “Paris in Love” also documents Hilton’s last moments before becoming a mom, during which she shares her concerns about balancing motherhood with running her media company, 11:11 Media, recording her album, performing at various concerts and releasing her memoir all at the same time.

With her two children now welcomed into the world, Hilton notes her business obligations have not slowed down, but calls her most important job as being a mom.

“I’m just learning to say no,” she said. “I’ve been saying no to so many different things that are coming in because I want to be able to spend as much time as possible with my babies.”

While “Paris in Love” Season 2 only documents Phoenix’s birth, Hilton revealed that she captured similar footage of London’s birth journey that could be used in a potential third season of the Peacock series.

“I definitely captured everything,” Hilton said of London’s birth. “At the hospital I brought my GoPros and Carter was filming on his iPhone and then on Thanksgiving, Carter told everyone to go in the living room and said that we had a performer there, so everyone thought like a magician was going to be walking in the room, and then I walked in with the pink blanket holding London [and] surprised everyone and he got all that on film as well. We have a lot of footage for if we decide to do another [season].”

For now, as the second season of the show rolls out, Hilton shared her excitement for viewers to see her in a new phase of her life as she enters motherhood.

“I’m excited for fans to see … my relationship with Carter and just how incredible of a husband he is … and just as much fun we have together, and for people just to see just how hardworking of a mom that I am,” Hilton said. “I just have so much love to give.”

Season 2 of “Paris in Love” is now streaming on Peacock.


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