Porn Star Peter North’s Wife Accuses Him of Rape, Abuse and Releases Audio of Alleged Attack

“He told me that it was ‘my fault’ and to not tell anybody because I was the one who broke the restraining order and ‘deserved it,'” Nadia North tells The Daily Beast

Peter North

Porn star Peter North is being accused of rape and multiple instances of domestic abuse by his wife and fellow adult-film performer Nadia North, the The Daily Beast reported Saturday. The story includes an audio recording of one alleged attack at their Newport Beach home.

The recording, which you can listen to here via the Daily Beast, is from Dec. 18, 2018, according to Nadia, and was recorded by her on her phone, which she hid under the bed after Peter North “threw me down on the ground and kicked me in the back of my head” for attempting to leave him.

“He shoved a bunch of pills in my mouth, sat [in a chair] and blocked the door, and waited for me to fall asleep,” Nadia North told the Daily Beast.

On the recording, Peter North (real name Alden Joseph Brown) can be heard singing lyrics to “Jingle Bell Rock” and saying these words: “You’re looking at me like, what the f— is he on? I’m on a high… high on life… I always just wanted to make you happy, and I’m so sorry for everything that I’ve done to upset you… especially physically or emotionally scar you… or almost kill you.”

According to Nadia North, her husband assaulted her on at least 11 separate occasions between March 27, 2017 and June 15, 2019, with injuries including concussions, broken ribs, bruising, head contusions and a spinal injury, per the Daily Beast’s report.

Peter North was arrested twice in June 2019 on domestic abuse charges made against him by Nadia, who was then granted a restraining order against her husband. Nadia says she was raped by Peter in August of that year, after she requested he get her a hotel room because their home, which they were selling, had mold in it, per her interview with the Daily Beast. When the two met up in person, Nadia says Peter demanded they go back to the house to look at the mold.

“He was just supposed to look at it and leave. I went upstairs to change my shirt and… he said that he missed me,” Nadia told the Daily Beast. “He decided that he wanted me, and I told him no, and that didn’t work.”

She added: “He held me down by my neck… and then he told me that it was ‘my fault’ and to not tell anybody because I was the one who broke the restraining order and ‘deserved it.’”

Nadia North says Peter North is refusing to agree to a “fair divorce,” per the Daily Beast, which reports a hearing is scheduled for this week in Nadia North’s divorce and abuse case against Peter North.

“He always hit me from behind—that was his thing—so I never really knew when it was coming,” Nadia North told the Daily Beast. “When he broke my ribs, he also broke a piece of my scapula when he threw me through a door frame—he had broken my ribs another time prior to that—and it also cracked part of my vertebrae. He’s given me so many concussions. He gave me whiplash, so there’s something wrong with the front of my throat. I’m on seizure medication, because I keep having seizures.”

Nadia and Peter North met in 2015, after North asked her to help him raise capital for his nutrition company, and were married in 2017. Nadia began producing, directing and starring in porn films for North’s North Pole Productions.

“He used to cancel my bank cards, and I have a son, so he’d say, ‘If you want to fly back and see your son, you better work,’” Nadia North told the Daily Beast. “He’d make me do three extreme scenes over two days, just to save money on locations, so my body was destroyed. And he would get upset with me if I didn’t do certain things, saying I’d ‘pay the consequences later.’”

Attempts to reach Peter North for comment were unsuccessful.


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