‘Prince Andrew: Banished’ Trailer Spotlights Recklessness and Abuse of a Royal Black Sheep (Video)

The documentary will hit Peacock Oct. 5

“Prince Andrew: Banished” exposes the recklessness of the titular royal black sheep who nudged his way into controversy amidst accusations of abuse and a friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

The documentary, which streams on Peacock Oct. 5, explores the tumultuous life of Queen Elizabeth II’s second son through interviews with journalists and many others who had first-hand knowledge and witness to the ongoing relationship between the prince, Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. 

The trailer documents the rise and fall of Prince Andrew, whose reputation as the admired royal son quickly crumpled when a young woman’s allegations exposed the elite social circle responsible for an abusive sex trafficking scandal.

The explosive accusation shook his nation into “absolute horror” and kickstarted a deep-dive into the scandalous antics Prince Andrew had made commonplace during his time in the public eye.

Despite this trouble, the Queen’s love for her son often sheltered him from controversy, as being his mother’s “favorite” gave him “a lot of leverage.” Even the late Queen was not able to guard him from this scandal, though, as Prince Andrew’s longtime behavior started to be exposed.

“He thought he was a celebrity,” journalist Helen Kirwan-Taylor said, adding that the topic of dinner parties was that “he couldn’t keep his trousers closed.” For this reason, privacy was a major draw to befriend Epstein, whose “entire saga boils down to sex and greed.”

Produced by Blue Ant Studios, Jamie Crawford serves as director as well as executive producer alongside executive producers Jennifer Harkness, Laura Michalchyshyn, Sam Sniderman, Nina Burleigh, Emma Cooper and Barbara Shearer. Frank Ombres works as producer under senior producer Nick McKinney.

“Prince Andrew: Banished” will premiere Oct. 5 on Peacock.