‘Under the Dome’s’ Rachelle Lefevre Teases Season Finale Death; Picks Dream Superhero Role (Video)

“Their favorite thing to do on that show, besides talk about the dome, is kill people,” Lefevre said on TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars”

For two seasons, Rachelle Lefevre has been trapped “Under the Dome” on CBS’s hit Stephen King series. In that time, society has nearly collapsed, and yet Lefevre’s character, Julia Shumway, is still certain that everything’s going to be OK.

On the latest episode of “Drinking With the Stars,” Lefevre revealed to TheWrap’s executive editor Joseph Kapsch that Julia feels like she has a kind of kinship with the dome, and is confident that it’s there to protect the people of Chester’s Mill.

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“That gets tested a lot in the last two episodes,” Lefevre said of Julia’s faith in the goodness of the dome. “And particularly in the season finale because it sure looks like it’s there to kill us, as far as the episode goes.”

She also hinted that the characters might make a break for it. With the dome shrinking, and some characters having left and returned, they know there’s a way out.

“Civilization is crumbling all around them, so they need to try to get out,” she said. “Whatever that means and whatever sacrifices are required, they’re certainly gonna try.

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The word “sacrifice” always makes it sound like someone’s going to die, and this is “Under the Dome,” which has killed off plenty of characters. When asked if there was another death looming in Monday’s season finale, Lefevre said, “Their favorite thing to do on that show, besides talk about the dome, is kill people.”

Sounds like someone isn’t going to make it out alive. If Lefevre’s character dies, we’ll get to see if her wish was granted. She talked again about her desire to have her character go out in a “really trippy, mind-blowing, bizarre epic” way if she has to die.

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Watch the full interview, which includes Lefevre revealing which Stephen King story terrified her for a decade, in the video above. And watch below video in which Lefevre picks her dream superhero role.

The Season 2 finale of “Under the Dome” airs on CBS Monday, Sept. 22 at 10 p.m. ET.