How Amazon’s ‘Reacher’ Defies Demographic Stereotypes With Cross-Genre Appeal | Chart

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The success of the Prime Video series defies traditional “four quadrant” thinking

reacher-season-2-alan-ritchson testosterone
Prime Video

The term “four quadrant” — used to refer to films that appealed to audiences of both men and women over and under 25 — is considered a tad outdated. The American population has become much more diverse and fragmented since the phrase started picking up steam in the ‘80s and ‘90s. These days, the thinking is that these basic demographic categories are no longer adequate for describing the kind of cultural reach a given movie or show needs to succeed. 

So, how do we measure mass appeal in a more complicated world? At Ranker, we have found that the only truly helpful predictor of what a given person will enjoy watching is what they’ve enjoyed watching in the past.


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