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Red Carpet Reporters Slam Disastrous Daytime Emmys Pre-Show

”It was clear that the hosts did not know who 90 percent of the people were,“ KTLA’s Sam Rubin tells TheWrap about the red carpet show

It was supposed to be daytime television’s big day, but Sunday’s Daytime Emmy Awards were overshadowed by the program’s horrendous red carpet pre-show.

The live two hour program was hosted by popular social media personalities Brittany Furlan, Lauren Elizabeth, Jessica Harlow and Meghan Rosette. It streamed live on the DaytimeEmmys.net website and many people, including some veteran entertainment reporters, found it ridiculous.

“How many times have networks tried to hire ‘stars’ to host red carpet shows. In this case, the Daytime Emmy people thought that ‘social stars’ would be the trick,” KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin told TheWrap. Rubin, who regularly hosts the Los Angeles television station’s live red carpet coverage, also blasted the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) for the seemingly ill-fated decision to hire inexperienced talent to handle live hosting duties.

“I believe in trying new and modern ideas; but the basic rule is that ‘people know if you know.’ Audiences and stars are smart and savvy; and everyone could tell within two seconds that these ‘hosts’ didn’t know a thing about daytime television,” Rubin said.

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Lawrence Saint-Victor daytime emmysAmong the lowlight moments of the red carpet show that are being called into question were Harlow calling “Bold and the Beautiful” star Lawrence Saint-Victor (left) a “beautiful chocolate man” and asking him, “What’s it like to be a black man on a soap opera these days?”

Furlan also told “General Hospital” star Ryan Paevey, “We’re trying to get you away from us before we rape you.”

Greg Russell, host and producer of the syndicated entertainment program “Movie Show Plus,” told TheWrap the pre-show was just plain painful.

“It’s kind of a toss up for me between the rape reference and also the beautiful chocolate man comments. It just made the rest of the show uncomfortable to watch,” Russell said.

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“As you know, anything can happen and it’s a live show… Don’t get someone out there who’s trying to make a joke about everything and also don’t get someone out there who is trying to be bigger than the star that they’re interviewing,” Russell added.

According to Rubin, the inexperience of the foursome and their lack of preparation was evident to anyone watching.

“It was clear that the hosts did not know who 90 percent of the people were. I think it is troubling when people do not do their homework and think that ‘wit’ alone will do the trick. Especially egregious when the people aren’t remotely witty,” Rubin said.

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NATAS has not yet released a statement to TheWrap about the cringeworthy red carpet.

But Russell, who is on the board of governors for NATAS in Michigan added, “They should learn to stick with the pros just like the folks they are there to honor.”

Rubin took it a step further and suggested NATAS give him a call.

“[Give them my] phone number and my email address. There is a reason that certain people; and I would proudly include myself among them, are asked to host these red carpet shows year after year after year — we actually know what we are doing,” Rubin said.

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The pre-show also drew criticism from other prominent media outlets, including The Washington Post.

“Apparently trying to reach a younger crowd that might actually watch the show online (unlike, say, the older viewers that frequent daytime TV viewership and therefore probably missed this whole thing), the TV Academy hired a group of wildly unprofessional young social media experts to host the red carpet show: Brittany Furlan, Lauren Elizabeth, Meghan Rosette and Jessica Harlow,” the Post’s Emily Yahr scolded. “They evidently knew absolutely nothing about soap operas or the people they were interviewing.”

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