Rick Astley ‘Completely Blown Away’ by ‘Ted Lasso’ Rick Roll: ‘Just Amazing’

The “Never Gonna Give You Up” singer admits that the moment definitely didn’t make him cry, though

Hannah Waddingham Rick Astley Ted Lasso
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(WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Season 2 of “Ted Lasso”)

In news that should surprise probably no one, singer Rick Astley is as big a fan of “Ted Lasso,” and he absolutely loved being Rick Rolled by Hannah Waddingham’s character in the latest episode, when his “Never Gonna Give You Up” brought up the mood during a solemn occasion.

The episode, called “No Weddings and Funeral,” centers around just that — specifically, the funeral of Rebecca’s (Waddingham) father.

Throughout the episode, Rebecca is struggling to mourn him, considering how his infidelity and treatment of her mother impacted their own relationship over the years. As she tries to find the right words, she eventually just starts reciting the lyrics to Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” — a favorite of her mother’s to help put herself in a good mood — before breaking out into full song with everyone in the church.

On Saturday, Astley posted a video on Twitter, reacting to the moment, saying the reason it took him so long to publicly comment is because he needed to process getting a shoutout on the hit Apple TV+ show.

“So, it’s taken me a little while to process what I think about the latest episode of ‘Ted Lasso.’ I’m a massive fan of the show, and I was just completely blown away with what they did with that song,” Astley said. “I have to say, to Hannah Waddingham — Emmy award winning Hannah Waddingham — you did an amazing, incredible job.”

You can watch Astley’s full reaction in the video below.

That said, Astley noted that the moment definitely didn’t make him cry, like it did some fans. He even feigned getting choked up for good measure. Even so, he was thrilled to be included in the series.

You can watch the full moment in the video below.