Robin Williams Remembered: 13 Unforgettable Performances (Video)

TheWrap looks back at some of his most iconic movie roles, stand-up specials, and television appearances

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Iconic comedian Robin Williams died Monday morning of asphyxia at the age of 63.

The Oscar-winning actor starred in dozens of films, shows, stand-up performances, and TV specials throughout his career — which spanned nearly 40 years — and gave larger-than-life performances in most of them.

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Whether he dressed in spandex as Mork from Ork or in drag as Mrs. Doubtfire, Williams always went that extra mile to earn a laugh. He had an undeniable passion for making audiences smile.

Here are thirteen of his most memorable and iconic performances:

That time Mork met the Fonz:

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Singing “Friend Like Me” in “Aladdin”:

When he played a ventriloquist to Billy Crystal‘s dummy at the Oscars in 2004:

Coaxing Matt Damon‘s character into a breakthrough in “Good Will Hunting”:

Asking Kirsten Dunst what year it is while in desperate need of a haircut in “Jumanji”:

His first Appearance on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show”:

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Instructing his students to seize the day in “Dead Poets Society”:

Confronting Dustin Hoffman’s Captain Hook in “Hook”:

Saying “Helllloooooooooo!” as a cake-faced “Mrs. Doubtfire”:

Giving his first radio broadcast in “Good Morning, Vietnam”

Calming down Nathan Lane in “The Birdcage”:

Creepy rendezvous with Jon Stewart in “Death to Smoochy”:

Doing televised improv on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”: