Rosario Dawson Credits Carrie Fisher for Her Path to Joining ‘Star Wars’ Universe: ‘She Sprinkled Some Magic Fairy Dust on Me’

“I wasn’t really dreaming or imagining any day at all that I’d be connected to that whole universe whatsoever,” Dawson recalled

She was our princess, she was our general, and as it turns out, Carrie Fisher might’ve been a contributing factor to Rosario Dawson joining the live-action Star Wars universe. At least, Dawson herself likes to think so.

Dawson is set to star in her own “Ahsoka” series next year after making her debut as the character — originally voiced by Ashley Eckstein in “Star Wars” animated shows — in Season 2 of “The Mandalorian.” Fans of the animated series had long been hoping for Ahsoka to make the transition to live-action, and began fancasting Dawson in the role early. In fact, Dawson has largely credited the fans for making it happen — but she also has to give some of the credit to Fisher.

During an appearance at C2E2 (aka Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) on Sunday, Dawson recalled being in back in Chicago in 2016 for another convention. Carrie Fisher was also a guest at that time, and it sadly ended up being one of her final convention appearances before her death. Speaking to the audience, Dawson credited her brief interactions with Fisher that weekend for perhaps steering her back to the galaxy far, far away in the future.

“You know, the force was strong with her, and she sprinkled some magic fairy dust on me that meeting because you know, here I am, back again,” Dawson said. “Just give her a shoutout. So Carrie, we love you.”

Dawson added that, at that point, a live-action Ahsoka series wasn’t even something that was being talked about, and she wasn’t in any kind of discussions with Lucasfilm.

“I couldn’t even have — I wasn’t really dreaming or imagining any day at all that I’d be connected to that whole universe whatsoever, let alone that I would be someone who knew her, supposedly, as a character,” she added.

The actress also reminisced about simply watching Fisher interact with her fans, accompanied as always by her dog Gary, as well as on her own interactions with the princess-general.

“We all, we long had since been done with our signing and her line was like, around the convention center and she stayed, and she signed [for] everyone,” she recalled. “She was such a fun broad. Like, just so dynamic, and just such a character, and she was just so great with everyone, with her little dog.”